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i smoke and drink a lot of coffee so my teeth were pretty stained so i used a magic eraser. i just tear off a corner and use that works great everytime. i do this often, about once a month, and when i went to the dentist i asked her if she thought my teeth looked dammaged and she said they looked great so i dont think it will hurt to keep using it. give it a try.

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You don't swallow your spit after you do this, you can rinse it with mouthwash...


That is pretty darn smart.


most of you quys are saying that it'll wear the enamal off your teeth.. well yes it will.. buh any way you whiten ur tell will wear the enamal off thts how you WHITEN your teeth.


i am going to vegas and wanted a whiter smile. i tried this and it works dont no if i will commit to doing it all the time


This sound so crazy but I so want to try it!!!


hahaha, you know where ALL going to try this


oops cant spell


worst idea ever good with ur future dentures


How long does the whitening results last for?


omg please dont use this anyone!!! the mr clean white eraser has cancer causing agents and shouldn't even be used with out wearing gloves!!!

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