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i smoke and drink a lot of coffee so my teeth were pretty stained so i used a magic eraser. i just tear off a corner and use that works great everytime. i do this often, about once a month, and when i went to the dentist i asked her if she thought my teeth looked dammaged and she said they looked great so i dont think it will hurt to keep using it. give it a try.

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soccer mom from CT

This sounded really crazy but it works great! I never play around with home remedies but this one was fool proof. Thank you soo much for the great tip:)


I did this and in the first time I seen a difference my teeth are more white.THANKS FOR THE TIP.


Magic Eraser is basically bleach. So, yeah it will work i suppose but you will damage your teeth. Not to mention, It's toxic!


this is stupid. thats toxic?? it may work but some where down the line your dumb ass is going to get sick!?


Check your facts folks. Magic eraser is Melamine foam, not bleach, which will remove tough stains but at a high cost. It is abrasive like fine sand paper and you are wearing down your enamel miss-using it this way.


This is great! And people worry (due to dentist/industry propaganda) too much about the teeth being permanently injured. This is simply not true. You can also carefully scrape your own teeth with a knife or metal object carefully just like a dental office does (they'll tell you that you can't do this too). The reason is as any dental school teaches (and you can do the research online) our teeth are the hardest, most durable parts of our entire body. They are also constantly trying to remineralize as needed (they self repair the outer enamel, esp. with the aid of saliva and water).

I am 57, a geologist (M.S.) and don't even need a dentist anymore for cleaning/whitening!


what exactly do you do with the corner of the magic eraser to your teeth?


Isn't that bleach and at some point the enamal will begin to deplete ultimately causeing your teeth to rot.


I have loved the magic eraser for everything I clean. I had never thought to use this on my teeth but I am here to tell you THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!! Try it yourself and make your own decision.


Haha! Oh my, this sounds completely unorthodox, but I am so intrigued to try it. :)
Right now, I am using the mixture of regular whitening toothpaste with baking soda. It tastes gross, but works great!
Maybe Mr. Clean's little eraser could help too.
Haha, thanks for the tip. XD

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