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Get a pair of cuticle trimmers and a pair of nail clippers.

Use cuticle trimmers that look like these....with the v shaped fork in them...

First disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol and also disinfect the cuticle trimmer and the toenail clippers. Now use the cuticle trimmer and place it on the corner of the toenail where the nail is ingrown. Run the cuticle trimmer straight down the side of the toenail going straight towards the bottom. It will hurt like heck. Keep running the cuticle trimmer all the way down the side of the toenail until you get to the skin at the bottom. Then use the toenail clippers to grab the toenail and pull the small side that has been cut until it pulls out at the bottom of the toenail. This will remove the entire side of the toenail that was ingrown and will solve your problem for many many long as it takes for the nail to grow back.

Be sure to disinfect the bleeding area where the toenail was and put on some neosporin and a band-aid for a few days. Keep the area clean and it will eventually heal and it will be a year or more before you have another problem...if at all.

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I am sorry but this is absolutely the WORST remedy I have ever heard of. it sounds so freakin' painful. I would never try ti this way. And I don't know anyone who would want to endure that kind of pain when there are many other ways to do it without ripping a cuticle remover down the side of your nail.


it's how i get rid of mine


You forgot the part about chomping down on a piece of wood after taking a gulp of Whiskey from the bottle in your hand!!LOL

Whats next? Cut off the offending toe?


Thats exactly what my father does. He swears by it but there is no way I'm even going to try it because for him it always comes back.


Doing this will mean doing this again and again. Every time that part of your nail grows back it will become ingrown again, an insure that you'll have to go through this painful ordeal again.


omg nooooooo!


oh no no no no NO! Why would you want to make the pain WORSE???? OK maybe the ingrown nail is gone now ... but you have a wound that hurts even worse ... not to mention the torment that caused it! Not this ol' girl ... no way ,no how!


This is how I get rid of mine. It hurts but not as much as having the nail stuck in your toe for days. The wound is not bad at all. I actually do the same exact thing I rather gob threw that pain then the pain of having one at all. And I rarely get them every so often like every few months. I think it's worth the pain. Just sayen:)


This is the only way to get bad ones out. Unless you want to go have surgery, in which they do the same thing just to a greater degree. If you're looking to have it fixed with no pain you're sadly mistaken!!!

Can't believe you!


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