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i went out on a boat with my family 2 days ago, and when i got home i was so miserable; i was so red i could have been mistaken for an entree at red lobster. my aunt gave me 4 advil liquid gels, which work well to dimish the pain. however, after coming home, i didnt have any advil, so i rubbed lotion on my burns and went to bed. When i woke up, it was worse than the day before, so out of desperation i found this site.
i didnt think vinegar would work, but i was so desperate i had no other choice. all i have is apple cider vinegar, so i started dabbing it on, and ALL OF A SUDDEN my legs do not burn any more. i can slap them and they feel just fine. it really is amazing. couple that with 4 advil liquid gels and you'll sleep like a baby! (dont forget to shower before you sleep though ;] )

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I am so desperate to get some relief that went immediately upstairs and pour apple cider vinegar all over my arms and shoulders. I can say that it didnt help a little, but a burn is a burn and it is still going to hurt. I suggest putting the vinegar on and mixing a big glass of whiskey and 7up. Should help ya get to bed anyway!

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