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Barry Buchter

Actually I found somethings that might help. One doctor said to put soap between your box spring and mattress. 2 -4 non scented plain bars of soap. It worked for awhile but then stopped. I did notice that if I turn the air on in the house and have a fan blowing on my legs it helps a lot and gets rid of it about 98% of the time. The temperature thing usually helps when my R.L.S. really starts to kick up, which is usually every night. Try it and see if it works on you. It probably depends on the person.

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My step father uses the soap at the end of the bed and after a certain period of time it stops working. When it does my mom puts new pieces of soap in there place and it starts working again. It sounds weird but they swear it works.


do you keep the soap in their wrapper or take them out before you put them under the sheets?


i have also found that having a fan blowing on my feet can help. in cooler weather, sometimes just having my feet sticking out of the blanket helps. perhaps the coolness is serving to numb the sensation? i am 19 and have had 'jumpy feet' as long as i can remember. i also remember my dad getting up in the middle of the night to do ankle stretches, so i'm pretty sure i got it from him.


This website is awesome ,Can't wait to try (probably as many asI can)til the RLS stops .Did try the fan and it works great on the arms as well.


If my doctor told me to put a bar of soap in my bed or between the mattress and box springs or whatever, I would walk right out of his office because he would obviously be thinking that I was a hypochondriac or lying or that RLS doesn't really exist or that I was weak minded or a combination of all of the above. I understand that the bar of soap works for many people on this site, but that is baecause placebos work 30% or more of the times that they are used. My God Doc. if you are going to prescribe a placebo, be a little craftier about it!

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