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My toothache started on a friday night, By sunday evening painkillers stopped working, my right lower jaw swoll up.. and infection seemed real bad. I have a dental insurance but was awaiting my appointment date for root cannal. My dentist had earlier gaven me a prescription of Ibprofene 800mg and I bought Tylenol extra strength (500mg) over the counter. Initially when the pain was milder, I would take a ibprofene and four our later I would take two tylenols followed by another ibprofene four hours later and so on. This would keep pain under conrol. But this pain was really bad.. my whole right faces hurted, nothing I did would give me slightest comfort.

My mom called and told me to take clove oil, which didnt work earlier, so I rejected the advice. But later she told me to swoosh with warm salt water and then put the clove oil exactly where infection was. Earlier I was using cotton swab to paint the tooth and it was not reaching the infected region. This time I put the oil drop on top of the molars where the infection was. The oil seeped through the gums to the infected area between the two molars, 5-10 minutes later I felt it working on the infection.. the trobbing was gone.. and I dozed off.. when I woke up, the swelling was almost gone.. It worked like a miracle..

I called my mom, to apologize to her for ignoring her valuable advice :)

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Dude I have the same thing goin on with me but on the left side!! Exact same thing, Ibuprofene-tylenol-pain-&waiting for root canal appt.!!!! But read your story and found the clove oil!!! It works!! Thanks to your mom!!

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