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I have another post on how I treated my son's earache with sweet oil and pressed garlic, but a friend of mine who is 60yrs old was telling me how his mom used to treat them when they were children. He said lots of people did this. It's completey gross and I have googled it and can't find it anywhere where anyone else has done this so I am curious to see if anyone else has heard of this rememdy. He said they would find a wasp nest that had larvae in it. They would take a fresh larvae out and squeeze it and put the goop from it in the ear. OMG,,,I'm gagging just thinking about it,,,but then again, if it's hurting bad enough, a person would probably willing to try anything to make it stop.

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Amina A. Ibrahim

I hope no one will follow your friend's advice. Regardless how bad your pain is my advice is use natural stuff olive oil things from that kind if it didn't make you feel better it won't harm you. Keep using these stuff till you make it to the hospital.


hahaha i myself wouldnt do it but where i come from the native indians us Bee larvae or their wax same as honey, well everyone knows how efective honey is as a natural antibiotic that maybe has a connection with the larvae but still the best thing to do is to go to the doc.


This larvae usage makes sense to me because past and current medical practices have used bee sting methods to help cure Arthritis in joints. Something about the venom is obviously a healing agent.


Nope never heard of that. Always heard of warm oil and a cotton ball topper

Laura aka Smart Moms Saving Money

Not to make light of the pain which I am in again myself, but this sounds Crazy! Not only will you have a earache, but then after you finally find a wasp nest you'll have wasp stings all over your butt, from trying to take their nest. lol
It may work, but it sounds very hard to do, that's for sure. I myself used 3 parts filtered water and apple cider vinegar which worked for about 5 hours I am on my way to do it again.
Good luck finding that wasp nest and with your earache.

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