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My 10 year old has an ear infection. I am giving him ciprodex drops. The pain has been horrible. He was crying it was hurting so bad. I used my garlic press on a pod and squeezed it into a little measuring spoon. Next I poured some sweet oil over the garlic. I microwaved it for about 15 seconds which was too long, it was too hot, but this gave it a little time to let the oil from the garlic mix with the sweet oil. When it cooled a little, I poured just the oil into his ear being careful not to let any garlic slip through. He told me the warmth felt really good and the pain stopped immediately. I was amazed and happy that he finally got some relief.

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WHAT, pray tell, is 'sweet oil'? Olive Oil? Something else? Where does one get it? I've never heard that term, and I have been researching and using home remedies for decades!

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