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I just want to say this really does work all I did was use ACV

1) I soaked a cotton ball in acv
2) I rubbed it against the wart for about 5 mins until it came off... (time depends on the size of the wart)
3) I put a little piece of a new cotton ball soaked in acv on the affected area with a bandaid on top over night just in case..

Now I'm completely wart free (:

Yes its a little painful but I got my confidence back & remember take vitamin c to help fight the virus back also use protection :)

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I got diagnosed with this about 2 months ago and im right now tryin the whole ACV thing with the band aid!! i tried it the other day just to see the result and they went away a little bit but when i woke up they had spread a little bit! hopefully the soakin with the band aid will help!! i never would have imagined that ACV would help this!!


What is avc


Acv is apple cider vinegar


i am trying it out now.. it bleeds a little bit tho. so hoping this will work!


Rubbing (about 5 mins or so)with a que tip soaked in ACV worked for me.


does acv spread the warts?


no ACV doesn't spread it. it helps the ones that are unseen by the naked eye come up to the surface.

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