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I am telling you, I have tried everything possible ,even the lotrium spray !! NOTHING worked, until I used the females monistate cream on my feet, it is used for yeast infection ,but I am telling you in 4 days, it was almost all gone and shewwwwwww was I glad!! Apply the cream twice a day and it'll be gone in no time!! THIS IS NO HOAX !!! IT WORKS !!

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Tea Tree Oil full strength works for me


I tried nearly everything mentioned on this site, including all the OTC meds. Nothing ever worked. I kept the shower clean, rotated shoes, always kept feet dry and changed socks twice daily.

Tried vinegar foot soak, Listerine foot soak, Borax soak, applied 100% Tea Tree oil, you name it. It persisted and spread to the sides of my feet.

Finally, I bought a vaginal anti-fungal ointment which contained Tioconazole. I only applied it once a day. It has been 4 days and it is almost completely gone! I am sure in a day or two it will be gone for good. No more flaky, thick dry skin which used to always come back. Google the main ingredient, Tioconazole. It is used in prescription meds for athletes foot, but you can get it over the counter in a feminine hygiene ointment.


if the monistat cream worked for you then you did not have athletes foot (a type of ring worm fungi) but a yeast fungi (similar to what women get). they look the same on the foot and so it is easy to confuse them.


I will support the vaginal cream remedy! It totally worked for me!

Frank James

I had some monistat, but my wife threw it out, has worked for me too in the past. The truth is there's not much difference in these fungi whether they be yeasty or Jock itchy or athletes foot. A strong sweet or sour smell usually accompany my problems with these body ring worms. It's the worst ever because I have all three I think, in three places, feet, groin, and left armpit, and it's stubborn I've used up all the Lotrimin on my feet and groin and I used Nystatin and that has help a little on the groin but small rashes persist, and my feet it just takes the itch away for a day. I;ve neverd had it this bad and going on 4 months, Tonight I tried soaking in hot water adding a lot of table salt all I had, and poured vinigar over my feet soaked in while I watched a Frank and Jesse James movie.
I wonder if they had to deal with athletes foot then. After the soak I rubbed in some tea tree oil and air dried my feet by the heater, what huge relief, and I'm going to keep doing it and gotta clean the entire bathroom with bleach, spray shoes and boots and insoles with lysol witch I also like to spray on my feet andit has helped more in the past I think it was stronger then and now its weak a cheap rip off of the lysol we got twenty years ago.

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