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It started on Sunday afternoon (as usual on weekend). My left side of face started swelling and around at night it looks like I have walnut in my mouth. It was not so much pain but it was disturbing so much. I managed to spend my night on pain killers. I took two Tylenol PM it was not a good sleep but its better than nothing.

Next day morning I could not realize who is in the mirror :) First thing I done is to take appointment with dentist. They gave me after 5 days :( So I went to general clinic and they prescribe me Amoxicillin 875 mg antibiotics and Acetaminophen-Cod #3 as a pain killer.

Today I was filling like in hell, I called the dentist and schedule urgent appointment. Let's hope they can save my tooth.

Thank you for all this suggestions here. I tried to watch movies to divert my mind from pain and it really helps. Just watch any of your favorite subject movies. Mine is War and Horror.

Good luck to all who are in pain.

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