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i get boils once in awhile but this time i got one on my face! ugh! desperate to get rid of it quickly i started reaserching online. i decided to try a remedy suggested of CAMPHO-PHENIQUE. which you can get over the counter for less than 5.00 and is usually used for insect bites? skeptial i decied to try it because i was desperate. i put a tiny dab on the pad of a band took the pain away IMMEDIATLY and after just a few hours puss was running down my cheek and the core (which i have been struggeling with for days) was brought to the surface! just wanted to get the word out, this worked wonders for me! only draw back is that the campho is REALLY stinky. but small price to pay for instant pain relief and the results after just a few hours.

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I am going to try this; thanks for the reommendation!


i will be trying this too


Wow I am going to try this thank you. I had what I thought was a spider bite, and tried to tough it out. Anyways, here I am 6 months later with a boil the size of a golf ball. It's so painful that even doing the simplest daily activities it hurts to the point where I actually want to cry! I have gone to the hospital to get it taken care of ; why they didn't drain it I don't know they wanted me to come back in a few days so that they can drain it. In the meanwhile I'll try this I'm desperate! I know you didn't need the whole nine yards, but just thought i would let you know my situation and if this actually works I'll let you know. Oh yeah and... The puss was litteraly running out of it without any poking or cutting?


I tried this and it didn't work. It made my boil swell up more (even though it was already draining) and it hurt. Maybe it will work for a different type of boil?

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