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Okay, i have read a lot of entries and you may all be right, but most of the remedies reqire a lot of work, and considerig i am only 16, i was ashamed of what i had and i hadn't told my parents or anyone. So i obviously looked online, researched and tried to find remedies, and what i found was an EASY quick, simple remedy with something I could find in my house. And i know a lot of people dont think this will work because it doesnt require much work, but thats the beauty of it.
So, what i used, is CLEAR NAIL POLISH!!! LOL I would apply the nail polish in the morning once i got out of the shower, and i would then put on tape, one that would stick to the skin and stay on! So i covered the area in the polish, put the tape over it, and do it every morning after my shower. It was easy, quick, didnt need to set aside much time in my day and it is REALLLLY WORKING!! It has only been a week and it is pretty much ALL gone.
And i know everyone is like A WEEK!? and everyone elses remedies are quicker i am sure,BUT dont go mixing chemicals and burning yourself and DONT let them control your life.
TIP: YOU DONT WANT TO SCRATCH, otherwise, you will scratch the blisters, re-open them and leave yourself suseptable to more and more ringworms. So LAYER THE TAPE to the point where if you scratch it, you will get some relief, but you are NOT scratching and reopening the blisters!
Works everyone! And i CANT wait untill it is FULLLLLLY gone, right now, all i have is a slight discolouration! yayayay!!

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I am a nurse, and I advise everyone not to use this method. I would seek out a dermatologist and get an Rx for Lamisil or another fungal cream. If you want a natural remedy, try tea tree oil, works very well. You want the area dry and not covered at all times. It needs to breath in order to heal and avoid scratching. If you need to cover it for a short period, use a breathable band-aid!


I really advise against this because most fingernail polish still has several toxins in it. Most have Toluene in it, and it's very toxic. This and a couple other ingredients in nail polish can affect your reproductive system and hormones and is a suspected carconigen. It's bad enough on your fingernails and many people won't use polish with that in. On your skin it will absorb much more quickly. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and present in many polishes.


Just so you are aware, it isn't actually worms. It is a fungus.

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