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Well i have golden colored hair and it sometimes gets oily if i dont wash it everyday. the oils arent good for my skin i dont think and makes me break out so i use vinegar and water mixed togethter after i shampoo. it locks in moisture if you rinse with cold water. also the vinegar gets rid of build up.

p.s. the smell of vinegar is strong when you put it on but is completely gone when it dries and you should let it air dry( no towel or anything just air dry). Good luck

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Marley -13 years old

hi! so i have golden died hAIR too. i did that last night in the shower and it totally worked!!!!!! thnaks!!!!!


Your hair gets oily because it is overcompensating because you are washing your hair so much it dries it out. Give it a week of washing every other day and you will notice your hair won't get oily. If it gets too oily then use baby powder and it will not be as oily. I wash my hair every other day. It doesn't get oily until the 3rd day.

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