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I think it is great how everyone is trying to help one another to get better. The world needs more of this.
PLEASEEEEEE everyone listen for a moment …..I am not an advocate of Doctors, and have tried to use
home remedies or self help whenever possible. Only if you are having problems with your ears go to a DOCTOR ! For 2 months I suffered horribly, I tried everything, decongestants, peroxide, alcohol, vinegar, olive oil, yoga, saline etc. Nothing worked, I could not afford $300.00 for an ENT and do not have medical
insurance. I just woke up one morning with both my ears plugged, followed by an ear infection, once the infection was gone the plugged feeling was still there. I could barely hear, the t.v. would be on but I could not hear the sound, everything was muffled, “What and Huh “, was all I could say to everyone. The sound of my own voice was distorted, I felt like was in a tunnel that was nearly silent. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being good hearing I was a 2. I did not want to go anywhere for fear of talking to anyone because I could barely make out what they were saying. It began to effect me mentally, I just wanted to cry. I was convinced I had gone deaf, nothing this bad had ever effected my hearing . I even thought I had a tumor or something horrendous. I finally went to a free clinic , I could not bare the loss of hearing anymore . I stood in line, waited and finally saw a Doctor who cleaned out my ears. It hurt a little bit, but BEHOLD, I could hear again! Birds chirping, dogs barking, sirens, my kids fighting, to hear is , WONDERFUL ! Removing a wax and gunk build up sparing the gross details, allowed me to hear again. I could not have done this myself , no matter what type of over the counter wax removal product or squirting device on the planet I could not have managed to get the hard build up of wax out myself. So please see a Doctor , if you cannot afford it, send me your zip-code, I will try to help you find a low cost or free clinic in your area. Do not take your precious ears for granted . I am going to post this wherever I can and try to help whomever I can . Good luck to everyone who is having ear problems it is an awful thing to go through. Peace.

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you cant really type correct sentences

Grace, Las Vegas NV

I've done this myself because my ear was plugged up just like that. I used mineral oil (which I warmed up in the microwave) and used a glass dropper to drop into my ear. I left it in there for 10 minutes. I then used an ear syringe to 'irrigate' my ear with a about 4 cups of warm water. I kept squirting the warm water as per the ear syringe directions. For 5 days in a row I did this . . . on the 5th day an ear wax ball came out! It was the size of a pea. . . in case you all are wondering. I hope this works for everyone else looking for a home remedy. Good Luck all!




I would GREATLY APPRECIATE your help in finding a free clinic near me; the zip code is 02062(Norwood, Mass.). I just moved here from Florida and have no medical insurance either. I have come to nothing but dead ends everytime I've tried to locate a free or low-cost clinic and would love some assistance in finding such a place. Thank you


question how is this supposed to help me, i came to this website looking for a home remedy...notice how it says home? that's not a home remedy, geez!


I thinku did try hard enough on the naturel remedies . You have to give it more then ones try for it to work. Everyone body is different on these remedies . I had an hole in my as a child and the vingar helped drawel in enffection out and also u probably did lay on your side so the stuff can soak in the ear. Doctors like u to come see them for money or tell u to go by some expensive crap at the store. Natural remedies work they just take more then one try to work.


i have been having alot of problems with my ears..i dont know what is causing it, but i would love to have some help finding a low cost or free clinic to visit in my area..the zip code is 32211..plz help i work in a call center and need my hearing to be able to do my job...


14208 thanx!!!!!!!


I am having the same problems down to the T. I need help bad. I cry all the time because of how bad it is. Please help me find a free clinic or something in my area. My zip is 30022. If you find anything, email me back at
My names Brianna. Thank You. I really look forward to hearing from you soon.



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