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ok i did this and it really works

to lose weight stay on a diet of toast and tea twice a day for one week. i did this and i lost 20 pounds in one week.
but you stay full so its good for you too.

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ann johnston

Also,how much servings on each?


I think I'm going to try this. ! I'm turning 16 and 154 pounds. I'm not really fat, just chubby. I've lost 4 pounds which I think was from walking on the river road. Which is now flooded. So, now I'm drinking LOTS of green tea and doing a 20 min. exercise video every night.! Plus the housework I do during the day.. School is starting and I want to be able to wear close that aren't two times to big. So, If I ate a couple cucumbers with my toast or in between for snacking would you think I would end up with good results within a week. ?


Yea, don't try this people. Trust me. It sounds wonderfull but it's super unhealthy and temporary. It's true, u will loose weight, but once ur body becomes used to the fact that it has lost so much weight so quickly and unhealthily, it's going to naturally build up its walls against the weight loss. Very soon, u will end up gaining back the weight u loss plus several more pounds. Ur body does this to make sure that this weight loss situation won't occur again. Honestly, the only way to loose weigh and keep it off is to PROPERLY diet and exercise. U'll loose weight slower but it'll stay off.


ifyou was on that diet and lose 20lb in a week time how much toast and tea did u eat and drink please tell me i thank that is a good idea for me.

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