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ok i did this and it really works

to lose weight stay on a diet of toast and tea twice a day for one week. i did this and i lost 20 pounds in one week.
but you stay full so its good for you too.

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i hope this is true im only 14 and im not fat im skinny its just flab sooo. me and my 27 yr, old cousin are gonna have to lose 10 lbs by december & i hope this is gonna work.! im tryinq other stuff too.!
thx.[ whateverr your name is ] facebook me ill keep the updates julia singleton [ eeee]


man i hope this works i really need to loose weight im only sixteen&&150pounds i am too young to be this fat:(


Ummm, yeah, this is a bad idea. Trust me, this person has probably gained all or most of it back. I's just water weight. And 20 lbs is probably an exaggeration. This is more like a fast. It will slow down your metabolism! The more successful and widely accepted diet it South Beach, in which you cut out carbs for the first two weeks, including sugar, fruit, pasta, potatoes, bread and alcohol. (All the good stuff lol) It's best to do a little yoga and light cardio a few times a week at this stage, then you can amp up your workout as you add a few carbs back in for energy, after the two weeks. Stick to whole grain and fruit though, and feel free to use non-hydrogenated oils such as canola or olive oil to accent your meal. It will help you feel full. And watch portion sizes, and look out for hidden calories in creamy sauces, soups and salad dressing. The third week, you should add more resistance training or weights along with the yoga and cardio. The tea is a good idea though, as it is full of antioxidants and makes you feel full!


Oh yeah, and eat six small meals a day. The idea is to keep your blood sugar stable. If you're blood sugar's on a roller coaster it's and endless cycle of more and more carb cravings!

el gordito

Absolutely fake remedy


You know im 16 and 146 i used to be underweight until last year ive been trying to lose weight ever since it started to show right now im using apple cider vinegar but it doesnt seem to be working so im goin to try this thanks and for everyone saying its a lie why dont you try it instead of sitting there assuming..? if you are determined and commited you will try anything and everything!!!


does it matter how much toast you eat?


man is dis true because im really trying to lose weight and this sound like it's to goood to be true.. someone who tryed this can you please let me no


It's super unhealthy (generally) for you to lose 20lbs in one week. I don't know if your tea was caffeinated but most are and caffeine functions as a diuretic which will essentially make you lose water weight. With this sort of 'crash' dieting, you probably won't maintain this weight loss. And there are far better/healthier ways for you lose weight and keep it off. Take care of yourself and your body :o/

ann johnston

Do you eat anything in between,or just toast and tea for the day?

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