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I'm useing for about 3 months now a mixture of shea butter/karitè butter, olive oil and almond oil and my stretch marks are almost disappeared...It is incredible!I started as an experiment, because the first time I saw this was on internet on a video that ''tonya tko''made...I've never belived that ''killing stretch marks'' was so easy...
You should try this mix is even chip...
A beautiful skin to all!

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Well the stretch marks with purple, red or pink colour are much easier to remove or delete because are ''the new stretch marks'' and so ''young'', but the white one's are a big headache and a little bit hard to vanish it needs more time to heal.

My doctor told me (now I decided to have a baby and the truth is that I'm afraid to look like a monster after, full of the new and old stretch marks) that I have stretch marks for more than 10 years in which I didn't do nothing for my skin, so to improve the scars I need minimum a year to see the best results, plus it is a''natural''cure, so it takes time, patience and perseverance.

So who want's to try this don't hesitate to write back your thoughts, results or your questions about this ''cure for stretch marks'' and I hope you all have the best results too. I didn't invented this, the basic formula, but sameone else did, so you must thank Tonya, fortunately I found her mix:)


Oh Ok dat info about which ones are and will be easier to get rid of helps a lot too n so true u gotta have patience cuz it is a natural way and it actually gives me hope and more patience! And oh yea even tho u didn't cum up wit this idea u followed it as well I TaNk YoU For Writing bAck and givin so Much UsefuL FeeDbacK to everyoNe and me Included!! I asked tonya and She NEVER Wrote back.:/ idk why I found her on myspace and twiiter but nothing.:/ and dats why I had already two months waitin n waitin for a response or sumtin. I'm glad I found This Site and You! TanK U Again for Ur time and feedbaCk! :) I will keep in touch like I said to see how it worked for Me. :)


Thank you for your beautiful words and hope it will work for you too...try to add the oils progressively, gradually every month.


I have been doing this for a year and a half now and the stretch marks are not the least bit improved


I'm so sorry to hear that...I've tried and it worked for me, so after these months my deep stretch marks began to heal a little bit...I'm really sorry!


I'm so happy that my treatmant works so good, my skin emproved so well and my deep stretch marks faded a hope that in few months they will be all gone...I'm going to the beach every day!
So, how it works for you?


Thanks for the tip yet could you explain how to find tonya ? is it youtube or another source..? the way whats karite oil how can I find it?


Did you have to melt the shea butter before you mix the rest of the oils?



I found Tonya an her site with all the products for skin: and the karite oil I bought it from the pharmacy, but it is not obligatory to use all the ingredients, use what you GOT! When I don't have an ingredient I use/make the mix without it, is more important to hydratate the skin.

Well when i make the mix more like a cream I do melt everything on the stove and I add more shea butter then the oils, put IT in a plastic contenitor in the fridge. But when I make it more oily I do not melt it I just give it a good shake and put everything in a bottle at room temperature.


Shea butter or karitè butter it's the same thing. Shea oil and karitè oil is the same thing, too. Shea=Karitè=Butyrospermum parkii

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