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I'm useing for about 3 months now a mixture of shea butter/karitè butter, olive oil and almond oil and my stretch marks are almost disappeared...It is incredible!I started as an experiment, because the first time I saw this was on internet on a video that ''tonya tko''made...I've never belived that ''killing stretch marks'' was so easy...
You should try this mix is even chip...
A beautiful skin to all!

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Yes I am gonna try with the bio oil and keep looking for the almond oil! Thanks you so much! AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


:O and another question!!!! you didnt answer it...can you still see the stretch marks when you stertch your skin????????????? and n your hips can you see them with like a bikini? Thanks (:


No I don't, I do not see the stretch marks when I stretch my skin and on my hips I don't see them either/neither, they belended so well in to my skin. But mine were little in that area, I had them but were little, white lines, only few were long and they all were horizontaly.


Try it and remember that the shea butter is the most important ingredient and mix it with what you have and try to exfoliate your skin every time you take a bath I read that helps a lot. I think that the key is being consistent and hope you'll have the best results too, try to make your own routien and stick to the program every day and not to be obsessed with the stretch marks, because something sooner or later will work for you, you just have to find your own method. Don't worry you just have to exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize your skin.


Thanks soooooooooo much!!! IM GONNA TRY IT!!!!!!!!(: Thanks


Oh and another thing try taking pics every month or week, because you can not see the difference looking at the stretch marks every single day, you'll have the impression that it's going to look the same, every day you look at them, like that is a proof that is really working and you can really see the changes.


hi just wondering what oils you have added to your original mix..and which ones you think have been the most effective


What kind of shea butter did you use? Like shea butter lotion or what..?


So, to the original formula shea butter and olive oil I added: sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, COCONUT OIL,JOJOBA OIL, wheat germ oil, rosemary oil, levender oil, shea oil and vitamin E this were the most effective for me.

And now to all that I added even aragan oil, palm oil, chamomile oil, castor oil and aloe vera gel.

First I started with sweet almond oil because my doctor recomanded, than when I found out about this mix olive oil and shea butter I made the experiment and it worked and then after I saw the big difference I start searching and I found the other oils that can vanish the stretch marks and I start to mix all that.
Each of these oils are amazing on their own, but mixed together are a powerful combination to eliminate stretch marks.

About the shea butter that I use is not a lotion is the hard butter I have it from the natural stores the eco ones, it is ''esprit equo'' this are stores that helps the african women, you buy from them the products that the african women made and some of the money goes to them.


I read sum comments on here and same here! I saw da tonya tko video to put shea butter n olive oil mix n they will vanish stretch marks!! I have like a two months already wanting to try it but da problem is dat idk wut kind of olive oil to use..:/ da normal cookin xtra virgin olive oil?? Or is there a special olive oil dat they sell next to all da other oils like almond and stuff.. Please answer bck asap!!! I hate my stretch marKs so MucH!!! I'm 19 I've had them sence 13!!! :( I wanna b able to wear shorts dresses skirts.. Spaghettistrapp shirts.. :( please help!! :( tanK u:)

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