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Christian Weeks

I have had panic attacks since I was 16. I am currently taking xanax for them and I am starting to feel like I am relying on them only. once I had a panic attack so bad that I called 911 at 3:00 in the morning, I had the cops, fire dpt., and meds by the time they got there I was basically fine. but I found that what relaxes me the most is to be with my family :) I also stay up late watching Disney Movies and dressing I know I am almost 18 but believe me it helps.....oh! and chewing on ice Pray and I hope that these options work for some of you. God Bless :)

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If you are chewing on should have your iron checked. That is a sign of low iron..and iron defiency will make your anxiety much worse.


I am 27 years OLD I know exactly what you are talking about. I am single with 3 kids own a home, but don't live there b/c I am sooo scared of the panic attacks and being by myself and something happening to me while my kids are there. I now live with my parents (retarded I know). I feel like I can't even go shopping without another adult with me. At night I feel alone and start panicking so I turn on MTV or something happy. It makes me feel better. Sometimes I even turn on the Disney Channel because everyone is always so happy. I feel like a loser though.


I'm 17. My panic attacks/anxiety has been evident since I was about 8 or 9...ish. when I was younger id go to friends houses, do all sorts of things..normal. I went to my friends house for her birthday & we were going to go to the movies. Then all the sudden I started feeling sick, my heart sunk in my chest, I started getting sweaty, and had a huge loss of breath. My parents had to come get me at 11 that night and since then haven't been to spend the night at a friends. Except for about 3 years ago, and I spent the whole night throwing up cause I had such bad anxiety.

I don't know why it happens...but any and every little thing can set it off. It's kept me from having a normal social life, even though I'm very socialable at school. But when friends ask to hangout, I always have an excuse as to why i cant.

The disney thing, so goes for me. I also use to have my worst attacks on sunday I would turn on full house, put a cold rag on my forhead, and take some advil or tylenol pm. I've been relying on the PM and wet rag on my forhead method ever since. But again, I can only uae the pm method at night time, so the daytime attacks just have to be pushed through.

I feel alone, like a loser, and I don't think anyone understands me....I'm at a loss. I need something..


Wow I am so glad I found this webiste b/c Im starting to actually feel like someone else out there is like me- i get really bad panic attacks and night and have a really hard time breathing- i feel like my throat is closing and i cant stop tears from falling- one thing that helps me is to put the air conditioner on really cold- to the point where im shivering- when i have a panic attack it throw up for minumum 6 hours and AC really helps b/c i get bad hot flashes- the other thing that really helps is Disney movies!! i have tons of them and i keep them by the tv at all times just in case i have an attack- i even have disney songs on my ipod in case i have an attack while im driving- so don't think your pathetic at all.. by the way im 23!

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