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Miss Tawana

Gargling Did Not Help.
Pills Will Not Help.
Orajel..pshh..Does Not Help!!

Hands down Pure Lemon Extract. I have a gigantic hole in my tooth and the pain is excruciating. I took a small piece of a cotton ball..soaked it in the lemon extract and stuffed it in the hole. Be careful not to put too much or it will burn the hell out of you! It will take about 30 seconds and the pain will ease up and go away for a while...long enough for you to go to sleep =D.

I really hope this helps you.

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what about just squeezed lemon juice?


Finally....relief. Thank you. You are a Goddess.

I put pure Lemon extract on a Q-Tip and applied to my tooth. Took less than 1 minute.

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