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Well, I developed an abscess on my tooth, and like many of you, I don't have insurance. However, mine started out as the entire jawline swelling and becoming very painful, but no definable abscess itself. Sprinkling baking soda along the inside of my mouth over the jaw swelling helped to keep the pain down, and the abscess came in, with little pain, which leaves me wondering if it's even an abscess after all, because there isn't a foul taste or smell when I drain it. Anyway, the best way I've discovered to drain it is to slightly tear the abscess, not just pop it. Stick the pin or needle in, and drag it a little bit; it makes the hole bigger and allows more fluid to drain out. Putting a tea bag over the abscess helps to dull the pain and draw out the pus.

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sounds more like a boil to me than an abcessed tooth!

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