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I have to admit I was scepticle about these cures after years of doctor visits and thousands of dollars. I had athletes foot for 15 yrs i was never able to find a cure. I tried tea tree oil, garlic, peroxide, salt soaks, otc meds all apart and in conjuction with each other. After reading suggestions i made one last valient effort to rid myself of this modern day leprosy. I took a week off of work ran around outside without shoes. I drank only lemon water and cut all sodas and juices. After my feet were nice and crusty I sprayed tilex mold and mildew everywhere in the bathroom. I cleaned every spot of that place i also sprayed my feet and let it sit for 20 min. I performed this two days in a row. For the first time in more years than i can remember i slept throught the night without scratching. I removed the insoles from my shoes and sprayed them with the tilex. I rinsed the insoles and wiped clean the inside of the shoes. The third day i soaked my feet with 100% apple cider vinegar for 1 hour. It was at this point I noticed the Jungle Rot was no longer there the itching was gone and the smell of vinegar never smelled so sweet. I continued the soak the rest of the week. Weekly i clean the bathroom floor and twice a week the tub. Every week one night a week I soak my feet in the acv to be sure and every day i wash my feet with selsun blue. I thank God i am free of the scourge and believe me I know what some of you are going through. I am fungus free and able to go to pool parties without shoes. I believe that the greatest help was the change in diet. I no longer consume refined sugar and love lemon water. Good luck to all of you and If my posting helps just one person I know ive done a great service.

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Isnt it wonderful to be free at last.
Please have faith and use the vinegar only. chemicals get stored in our liver and cause other problems eventually. Continue to Spread the word, I do at any opportunity

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