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The Red Cross Toothache kit from Walgreens is again, worth every penny (699 of them to be exact!). So my girlfriend had 3 of her wisdom teeth taken out about two weeks ago and we did everything exactly as the surgeon told us to, but of course, the slim odds were against us and she got dry socket tonight. I didn't know what to do for he so she decided to take two Ibuprofen 800's and a Vicoden! So needless to say she was drugged on our way to Walgreens tonight. So we get home and she gets the warm water, a spit cup, and the syringe as I opened the miracle kit. I poured just a little bit of the clove oil in the water (gross is stunk so bad!), and started to follow the: ' Clean ou the area really well, submerse cotton balls in the water mixture, and submerse gauze in the water' and within seconds (with a nasty face from the taste of the oil), she was better and snoring like a baby. Now I just hope she wakes us in the morning!

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Just so everyone knows, the Red Cross tooth ache kit works great, but it might be better to use 2x2 or cotton swabs instead of the tiny cotton balls that come with the kit. I used it this morning and almost lost the tiny cottonball in the socket. So it might be better to use something a little bigger that won't get lost in the socket.


Thanks to everyone who mention the clove oil for dry socket, it's the best, it works like magic. I have been suffering for two wks, taken every pain medication, presciption and otherwise, no relief. My stomach had begin to hurt from all the ingested pain meds.


how cute!

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