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Be sure what you have is actually ringworm. I had one small/mediumish blotch that kind of hung out for two weeks, then boom it spread all over my upper chest and shoulders and abdomen and even started down my thighs. Looked just light ringworm but the remedies here didn't help and I got worried so went to dermatologist and she said it was a Herald Rash. The first blotch 'heralds' the appearance of the rest of the blotches. It does actually go away on its own after two or three weeks. But gosh it was horrible! I could have saved myself the $400 visit (no insurance) but the relief I guess was worth it to know it wasn't something serious.

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The condition pityriasis rosea, which you had, does mimic ringworm, but generally spreads across the body after about 1 week. Prior to that the lesions look pretty similar, so they are difficult conditions to initially distinguish between.


Yes... I think a lot of these people here think they have ringworm but dont. All ring worm responds to cleansing and antifungal ointments. Herald patches are a different story though. They start with one 'herold' ring then bloom into several over nite and though it looks exactly like ringworm fungi, it is not related at all. NO OINTMENT OR PILL, regardless of how many or how long you use them will work. Doctors dont know what causes them or how to cure them. People rarely ever get them twice in a life time.

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