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Who ever came up with the idea of using pure vanilla extract on toothache's is a
GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very serious here,I was in pain all day ,have been for a while.But
today it got unbearable.I decided to search for home remedies found this site
and tried a few.The one one that saved the day was the vanilla.It worked almost immediately.I used a cotton swab to put it directly on the bad spot and felt
it subside almost right away.I repeated
this twice and have no pain in over a hour.Thanks for the great idea!!!!

Give this a try it really worked for
me. Good luck........

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LOL it works, thank you so much


lol...i just tried it it worked it ,it did something!thanks


Thank you sooo much...watkins vanilla extract actually has the highest percentage of alchol witch is 35% and worch great


My 20 year old son called me in severe pain from a tooth he needs a root canal on. I was across state and pulled up this web site we tryed the vanilla and it worked!Couldn't beleive it Dentist first thing on Monday



just tried it, instant relief...dont know how long it lasts but it is good right now.

Delta Woman

Thanks so much for this home remedy! Just tried it and the pain is gone. I also used some mouthwash, gargled with hot salt water before using the vanilla.
Can't get anything done by the dentist until after my baby is born late Oct-Nov 1.


I finally found an ingredient that I have at home. I rushed to put the vanilla extract on tooth and gum and is working. It numbs the pain. Thank you.

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