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Another vote for the borax remedy for indoor fleas (doubt it helps for ticks though)... had a bad infestation one year not too long ago - our first ever so I didn't recognize it until it was too late.

Was advised by a sister-in-law to go to any local store and get a box of cheap laundry borax (any brand will do - 20 mule team, whatever is on sale or cheapest) and sprinkle it evenly on carpet and leave for a few days then vacuum, then sprinkle again and leave for a few days then vacuum again, then sprinkle again and leave for a week then vacuum, and repeat until you are satisfied the fleas are gone - you are dealing with fleas that have laid eggs but I can't remember the timing of the life cycle so I just kept it up for several weeks because I was grossed out and paranoid, lol...

The beauty of the borax is that all it does is dry out the fleas, there's no poison involved. And it is effective on a lot of other bugs.

I also sprinkled it outside the back door where the dogs were coming in... it kills whatever plants it comes into contact with (good news if they are weeds, not such good news if they're plants you wanted!).

None of our three ancient dogs got sick, and none of the kids got sick either so I'd have to agree that the stuff is nontoxic to kids and dogs.

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Will this hurt your dog? Will it be ok if I put it around his bed?


Borax is completely safe to put around his bed because borax is a laundry type detergent. It can be purchased just about anywhere.


i have tried borax and had it had no effect on the fleas, they were just as bad as when i started. i let it sit for 3 days and went to clean it up and i was in a room with the floor covered in borax and they were crawling all over my legs.

extra step with borax is to mix 1/3rd hydrogen peroxide to penetrate
shampoo dog wash off then put borax-peroxide 1/3 2/3 water and borax to dog dont wash off then mop this around house more effective than just borax it got rid of my dogs mites

Beth Lambke

Does borax and hydrogen peroxide work on Ticks?


I know that peroxide and borax works on mange. Its takes some time but we are noticing a difference in our dog.

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