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Actually I have been fighting with flea problems for years. I live in Oregon and it never snows long enough for the fleas to die. My one dog is allergic to fleas and he breaks out with sores from itching so much.If you want a quick fix to get them off your dogs any shampoo wither is dog or human lathered well and set for 5 mins will kill any visible fleas. you will have to repeat 2 times a week if fleas are very bad until they are gone because it will not kill flea eggs. what it does is it suffocates the fleas. i have recently made up a bottle of 1/2 cup white vinegar with a 1/2 cup lemon juice for my furniture and dog kennel. Make sure you lift up the cushions and get it into the cracks for best results because the little guys will try and hide. If you want to fill up a full bottle if its large just make sure to use the same amount as you fill up the bottle. don't use water to top it off it just dilutes it. And for your carpet take regular table salt sprinkle a good amount all over the floor. (don't be shy with it)for a 15'/15' bedroom one whole can of salt will be needed thats including with furniture. leave it for at least 24 hours for a heavy infestation. repeat it at least 3 times a month for the first 3 months. then after that once a month works great. And if you have a dog bed like me just throw it in the washer with normal soap and when it comes to the rinse cycle poor in 1 cup of pure white vinegar then dry like normal. just don't let your guard down because these things will creep right back in your house. Its working for me. And if your on food stamps with an economy like this its virtually free to get the supplies.

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with the vinegar/lemon juice mix being sprayed want that cause you to have a problem with ants?


Will this hurt wood furniture?


Vinegar is great for keeping ants away. I mop with it and it works!


Thank you for this tip!! I need all of the cheap, home remedies I can get!!!


We HAD a indoor cat. I got fleas really bad so we put it outside. Now we have fleas all over our home. They are biting my 6 year old daughter all over her body. I will try this and I really hope it works. Sounds lke a cheap alternative to using all those chemicals the stores are selling.


I hope this works, too. We have fleas all over the place and the cat had never been outside. Once she went out she has stayed out. they are worse now than ever before.So far so good, in one room. Hope they stay away

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