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Last weekend I broke out (for no apparent reason) in this nasty, red, burning rash on a section of my lower left leg. I've never had poison ivy, but I compost in my backyard and thought that maybe that's what it was. then I remembered that our friendly neighborhood cat had rubbed against me in that exact same spot! A-ha! While reading about poison ivy and natural remedies online I read that many people get it from their cats or other pets. Anyway, first I thoroughly washed and dried the area, then I applied white vinegar on a cotton ball to it. The relief was almost immediate. The redness and swelling greatly reduced over the course of the day. I've been applying it 3 times or so each day. The redness is still there a bit (this is like day 3 of it), but I did read that it can take up to 4 weeks to heal completely.

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oh mii god .. seriously 4 wks .. damn thats the rest of mii summer .. i need somethiin that wrks super fast had it for a wk already

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