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Craig rankin

Omg I have been suffering with this for years and never knew there was a name for it or other people that suffered from it,I feel so lucky to have found this site and many others like it to help me with my rls,I havnt tried taking any vitamins such as iron etc but so far whenever I get the horrible feelings I get out of bed and squat and do my best to fully use my muscles and exhaust them,this usually works for me but taking vitamins daily would sure be easier.

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I tryed squating and it works for me. It must have somthing to do with streaching your back and leg muscles. I do it while I brush my teeth (just a given time every day).


omg.. RLS is total BS, needs to go away ASAP its awefull. I have been dealing with it for about a week now and its just a bad deal. I have been taking hydrocodone due to shoulder surgurys and Im wondering if thats the problem, maybe a side affect from the meds. it even affects my growing area, its the same feeling as RLS just in the growing also, anyone else experience it in this area?

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