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I just started this treatment and it's working great! I have tried so many products and haven't seen any results, but this is something that ACTUALLY works! I'll let you know my whole skin routine. My skin is only oily on my nose, so I guess I have combination skin. Anyway, in the morning, I rinse off my face with warm water. I use 'Mary Kay Deep Cleanser Formula 3' to wash my face. It works great! You only need a dime-sized amount, it comes in a 6.5 fl oz bottle and lasts quite a while. After I lather that on my skin and work it in circles, I rinse it off with warm water, then cold water. Next, I dab my face with a towel (rubbing causes redness for me). Next, I put on my moisturizing lotion, 'Aveeno Daily Moisturizer'. You only need a little bit (less than a dime-sized amount). It's fragrance free. I have the 12 fl oz pump but it comes in a smaller size too. Later during the day, I make an oatmeal mask (I created it from multiple recipes). Put one egg white in a bowl and beat it with a fork until it's a little bubbly. Add a couple handfuls of 'Quaker Quick 1 Minute Oats' and mix until it becomes a paste. Add about 2 tsp honey and mix well. The egg white is the 'drying ingredient', the oats pull the bacteria and excess oil from the skin, and the honey moisturizes and tones. Before I apply the mask, I wash my face with 'Mary Kay Deep Cleanser Formula 3' and warm water. Then I put on the mask all over my face. It's a little hard to get it to stick, but keep working with it and it will work. I leave this on for about 45 minutes or until it feels hard when I touch it. It doesn't burn on my face, it feels cool and soothing. After 45 minutes, I take off the mask and throw it away (it comes off in clumps and you don't want to put it down the drain since it's pretty solid). I rinse off my face with warm water until everything is off, then I rinse with cold water. After I'm done, I apply a tiny bit of 'Aveeno Daily Moisturizer'. At night, I wash my face with 'Mary Kay Deep Cleanser Formula 3' and apply 'Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel' to my problem areas. It has 5% Benzoyl Peroxide and comes in a 1 oz tube. So there you go! Sorry it's so long, but this is really working for me so I feel like I should share it with everyone. Please comment and tell me if it works for you too. One more thing, try your best to get in the habit of not touching your face with your hands if you have not washed them with soap. I used to touch my face a lot, whether it was an itch or I was leaning on my hand. Now that I don't touch my face with my unwashed hands, I'm noticing a difference. Again, sorry for the long long remedy! I really hope this works for you guys! Good luck and comment whether or not it works for you!

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i didnt get to like use the mary kay or like the washes but i did do the remidi and it worked bless you i cant stress how happy i am!!!i feel confidnt and pretty for ones if my life!!!! you r a life saved god bless you

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