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Listen to me, your legs are an extension of your head... right.. please relax your mind from any problems, bad situations, worries, troubles, etc. You do not need anything but the tools you were given to subside and eliminate the uncontrolled movement that you do not desire.

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J is correct!!!!
Go grab any book on the mind/health connection, & if you read it properly, & ABSORB it's contents like I did, you can actually predict illnesses or conditions that those closest to you are going to get, according to their thought processes.
So for those of you who just want to hurl your life's frustrations at someone like J, who you seem to think is an easy target for your poisoned thinking, both J & myself KNOW that we're much stronger characters than you critics will ever be!

Get Real Buddy

You are so right, but you left out the aluminum foil, chicken bones, and the droppings from a virgin pig. Next after consulting the Haitian Voodoo Master all of the above are mixed in perfect harmony and a Zen like inner peace is achieved, completely eliminating RLS and achieving world peace.

Guru 'J'

Sister Jennifer is that you?! I lost track when I had to leave the ashram for witness protection. Brother Richard is occupying Wall Street. You probably saw his picture defecating on the police car. I have shaved my head and am waiting for the next comet. Keep up the struggle!

Guru J.

Dear Sister Jennifer: the comet is still not here. My hair has grown back. Brother Richard is running for congress. I enjoyed the shipment of mushrooms. Struggle Onward!

Brother Richard

Election Day - have recruited an army of RLS sufferers to vote early and often for the Space Cadet Ticket. Remember, think good thoughts and happiness will prevail. Sister Jennifer, I will need you to be my chief of staff. Together we can defeat RLS, win the senate, and sychronize our Karmas.

Brother Richard

Dear Sister Jennifer and Guru J: I lost the election. The Democrats voted earlier and more often than we did. I have been offered an ambassadorship - I understand that there is an opening in Libya. Strength!

Brother Richard

Dear Sister Jennifer and Guru J: Greetings from Tripoli. I am surrounded by a lot of angry people talking very, very fast. I have not seen this many dirty, bearded, men since I was occupying Wall Street. Yesterday I was spreading the word about the power of positive thinking and how our brains are the source of the World's Evil and was shot in the left buttock, (sort of takes my mind off the restless legs). If the mob does not get over the fence this afternoon, I will try spreading the word again tomorrow.


RICHARD WAS WEAK!! They are sending him home. I got the first three boxes today. I expect to get the rest of him next week.

I have read books about the mind/health connection and I PREDICTED that Richard would come to this. I knew because I UNDERSTOOD HIS THOUGHTS!!

Now for the rest of you that hurl your life's frustrations at someone like J, REMEMBER RICHARD. J and I are much stronger characters than you will ever be.

So get your minds right or stay stuck in your self imposed misery of RLS.

Now for Richard - should I dig six or so little holes or wait and dig just one big one?

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