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Listen to me, your legs are an extension of your head... right.. please relax your mind from any problems, bad situations, worries, troubles, etc. You do not need anything but the tools you were given to subside and eliminate the uncontrolled movement that you do not desire.

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Yeah, you are right. I am here almost crazy with RLS reading what you said. meant'if you have Artitis Reumatoide, just think about love, happiness, bananas and you will be fine...' Even Pollyanna would feel silly getting this kind of help.


i have RLS just about every night and i dont sleep from it u cant will it away its a real syndrome if u can will it away then ppl would be willing away cnacer and stuff like that and let me tell u ive tryed everything for RLS requip helps some and when u take it also try a hot hot bath with a combo of both things i helps some


This person is an absolute burke! Obviously never suffered from it. Don't make comments on something you know nothing about!


Simpliistically stupid advice....this is NOT problem is is discomfort, sensation that will prevent sleep or wakes you up at 2 am, Sharp poking sensations or uncontrollable movement that prevent you from sitting through a movie....I believe it's neurological not psychological so relaxing the mind doesn't fix it...I wish it was that simple.


I think the people condemning the original 'cure' are responding to the poster's condescending tone. I've actually tried this 'mind over matter' method, and I'm able to hold off the effects for about 1 minute. Obviously, I'm not very good at it. Perhaps if the original poster had included some kind of instruction along with his/her superior tone, we'd take this advice a little more seriously. It's quite possible that meditation of some sort would work. However, not everyone wants to go into trance for a half hour before bedtime.

Mary D.

Relax your mind!! Now, why didn't I think about that!! I wish it were that easy. I've been experiencing restless legs since my 1st pregnancy and have been annoyed with this problem ever since (35yrs). Yes..I was in a car accident before that pregnancy...yes I had back surgery for herniated disc years later. I have tried taking walks, walking on my treadmill,stretching,taking quinine,requip..etc. I've tried watching what I eat, what I drink. At times I can fall asleep immediately,but...that doesn't last long. Other times it hits me just sitting trying to watch tv or even sitting at my desk at work or when sitting in the car. I will walk around the house, rock back & forth,leg kicks front,back,sides.As long as I keep my legs moving it's not so annoying..when I stop..that creepy,crawly feeling comes right back. There are times when it's mild and I can control it after an hour of work outs...other times...I'll be out of bed more than I'm in and exhausted by morning. I have had so many suggestions by family members,friends and others who I know mean well but just don't understand.
Until doctors really listen and do more research..we will probably always have this problem. I only hope I can keep up with my leg kicks when I'm in my 80's!! Good Luck to all the others who are in the same boat.Someday..hopefully.. we can all celebrate a cure!!


You know what J........I wish for ONE MINUTE you could experience RLS. Wrap your mind around are friggin IGNORANT ! You need to find something to do with your time other than post something as narrow minded as that. For beat rocks with a hammer ! Because you are about as DUMB as a box of rocks ! What happened did the doctor drop you on your head at birth and you never found your way upright again?


what a dumb ass remark from an obvious dumb son of a bitch ! go play in semis !


Dont you think that was one of the first things we all tried. I understand your train of thought but it is without basis, especially without a dx of RLS.


You obviously don't have this syndrom - because if you did you wouldn't be so flippant or moronic as to post a comment like this. try putting up with rls for most of your life then you would change your mind. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!

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