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Listen to me, your legs are an extension of your head... right.. please relax your mind from any problems, bad situations, worries, troubles, etc. You do not need anything but the tools you were given to subside and eliminate the uncontrolled movement that you do not desire.

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Ropinirole sucks

HUH if u actually had this syndrom youd know it doesnt go away just by thinking happy thoughts . Ive just recently ot this and it drives me crazy if you ever suffer this disead youd probably go crazy. This is actually a sickness its not anything from the mind created because of bad thoughts . Ive wanted to practically cut my legs off cause the sensation is uncurable even with the medicine i is take ropinirole . I advize no one to take it its a bad medication that just makes u addicted to it. Hopefully on day ill be cured from this shit.


That's a stupid remark.How do you explain people who are already asleep and wake up with leg twitches.Oh I just thought them into bad thoughts.omg


You are a MORON. I'm crying because I'm having an attack right now. I wish you could experience the horrible itching it makes me feel you stupid F***. You are unhelpful and insulting.

Mom who sleeps now!

There are definately natural remedies that can help lessen or even elliminate symptoms of RLS, but for any one person to have the ultimate answer for another person without examining them or their situation is sheer ignorance. I do beleive that stress can worsen symptoms. But for some people who do not find releif via natural means also have medical options., It is a medical condition.

I have had RLS for over 13 yrs now. I had a doctor tell me when I was 27, that it was all in my mind, and that I was worried about something. These symptoms kept me up all night long, and I would finally fall asleep by 5 am, leaving me completely sleep deprived. This doctor was ill-informed or not updated as to the recent breakthroughs and studies of RLS.

I went like that for 7 yrs before a sleep specialist referred me to an internist. He presented me with at least 5 medication options to help eliminate the symptoms. I tried everything natural till that point.

There are medications for those who want/need them. And there ARE natural options, and remedies that do work for many people also. I suggest getting a diagnosis, and discuss with your doctor what options are for you. They may also be able to direct you to some natural options.

I would like to look more into things like meditation, relaxation etc... If I dont take my meds by a certain time, the symptoms worsen and it takes longer for it to work, so I sometimes still have sleepless nights. But if I had some natural options, perhaps I could lessen the amount of medicine I take for it. Perhaps wean off at some time.

My point is, you dont have to go on like this, those of you who struggle with this. I wish the best for those who are looking for answers! And happy sleeping!!!!!!!!

Barry Buchter Tampa, FL

Calming your mind may help you sleep but the fact that remains is RLS is actually a disease. No matter how you treat it. I have had it since I was 12. I didn't have any unhappy thoughts. I had a good childhood, didn't have to worry about bills. Always had a roof over my head and food in my stomach. So that idea may work for a couple people but definitely not all. I wish it was that simple I really do. Alot of the time it's because of the heat. If I turn down the air it usually goes away. I am staying with my fiance's parents though so for right now I can only do it during the day.


Really J? Did this remedy work for you? Highly doubtful, and morbidly insensitive. These folks are right, it is a literal condition. It's extremely painful, frustrating, and stressful. Having RLS takes such a toll on the body and the mind. The lack of sleep, the mental frustration, the pain... all of these things can cause way more severe problems. Lack of sleep has major consequences by its self. My suggestion to you J would be to stop being a prick and stop making fun of ppl that are on here looking for help. I have had RLS all my life. I'm only 26 yrs old and now have arthritis because of the RLS. The constant motions have deteriorated my bones to the point that within the next 10 years I will have to have several surgeries to repair the damage. I don't find that very funny.With your sick sadistic sense of humor you probably do, but that's ok man. Cause Karma is a B*tch.


to all who doubt,

I personally had SEVERE RLS until I was in high school. I use to scratched my legs until they bled and still no relief. My post-pregnancy wife now has it which is why I'm looking for answers for her.

The posters original comment holds true for how I cured my RLS. For anyone to discredit, curse, condemn with 'karma' is wrong and everything AGAINST what this Forum stands for. This is a place for us to help each other. The original post could help someone who is suffering from RLS, but they may never try it with all of the negative comments. You should all be ashamed of yourselfs for taking someones suggestion, which I know from my experience is true and FALSELY saying it doesn't work. you are allowing yourself to not believe this suggestion DOES work for some. I hope you all find peace for your RLS, BUT dn't be so quick to judge and slander.

I am glad that I am cured and those who still suffer will hate me because of that. Lets get back to helping others with an open mind now. Now on to find a cure that works for my wife.


I have been suffering from RLS in my legs and my arms for sometime now and I have tried every relaxing thing there is and it does not work. My RLS is so bad that I am on two different type of Requip and it still does not help me. I am walking or rocking back and forth all the time. I cannot even sit down and eat a meal with out my legs bothering so do not tell me it is all in my mine.


Obviously you don't have RLS! Most likely you will live to learn that mind over matter isn't always a cure to a physical illness. Next time I see someone in the ER I'll be sure to give them your advice on that extension idea you believe in so greatly.


it is really gard to wrap your head around. i have had it for years..and a neuropsychologist friend of mine figured out what i had when i told him the is like having bugs under your skin then you twitch or stretch to nake it going to try the magnesium.i know this is ruining my life..i go to bed at 9 up ay 6 and am exhausted

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