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I have had my ear blocked before by ear wax and have simply gone to my regular family doctor. She simply took one of those big plastic syringes that work as a small water gun, put luke warm water in it and squirted in my ear and with a tip of my head everything was better.

However, recently I have gotten a serious throat cold and sinus congestion for the past 5 days. I was reading these and managed to pop my right ear and it is clear (for now, I feel pressure and it might come back), by plugging my nose and slowly blowing. I know for a fact that it is not ear wax, and that it is probably fluid from my congestion. - any home remedies besides blowing my nose? because it's all I've been doing for the past 5 days and I didn't start off with blocked ears, I only have had my ears blocked for about 3 days now.

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i struggle with this problem every summer and because of the allergy season. While the immediate answer is that your ear is congested, things are more complicated. It s basically the tube leading from your nose to your that is congested, and no matter sometimes how much popping or wax removal liquids you put in there, it won't be resolved unless you address the nasal allergy.
Saline nasal spray and afrin tend to work for me. after you spray, they work as an expectorant too, and the congestion will clear out, and eventually your ears. Don't pick your ears a lot, because really the problem is much deeper than the ear surface....


For congested ears due to stopped up tubes (not draining)
Take Claritin - D (Decongestant), and use a Leader Vapor Inhaler Levmetamfetamine (you can get these at Wal-mart, and they are cheap)

If your ears are stopped up, not due to sinus conjestion/stopped up tubes; but due to wax blockage, lay on a towel, poor a cap full of hydrogen peroxide in ear. Let it sit until you don't hear it bubbling anymore - then flip over and let it drain out. (Better have a towel.) Then do the other ear.


Wow thank you for your post! My daughter is recovering from a painful ear infection, all her symptoms are ending but now her ears are plugged and she can't hear a thing. I read your post and immediately instructed her to plug her nose and blow a little bit and instantly she could hear better! What a relief for her. Thanks again for the tip.


I took a q~tip with hydrogen peroxide and rubbed it in my ear. With my head tilted I kept adding more until it was pooled up. I let it sit for a few mins and about and hour later I plugged my nose and blew and forthe first time in a week my ear popped and I had relief!


ive been getting regular ear problems for years now, especially when I have colds. Docs tells me I'm blowing too hard when i blow my nose and building up pressure thats making it so bad. Also, made it worse once when i blew too hard to pop my ears. So just saying be careful

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