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Try Blue Star ointment. It's in this tiny jar and only costs a few bucks at a local drugstore. It's typically used for ringworm which is an infection caused by a fungus. If you have acne it's caused by bacteria. Bacteria is usually pretty simple to kill, heat or other agents such as alcohol can kill them. Fungi are a little more difficult. That's why it's so hard to get rid of fungus problems like athlete's foot. I know you're thinking what does this have to do with acne, but Blue Star is used in all sorts of skin irritations, mostly ringworm, but other things as well. I know from personal experience that if you put Blue Star on your pimples daily and leave it on for several hours (like over night) it not only reduces current pimple size, but if you have been picking at your pimples it actually heals them and prevents scarring. Give it a try. It's only a few bucks a jar. And trust me you only need the thinnest of layers so that jar will actually last you well over a year.

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At CVS a 2oz jar (the only size available) was about 8 bucks.

i had noticed one of the ingredients was salicylic acid...commonly found in acne products...the only thing that worries me is it does have mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum...which have made me break out badly before cause it clogs my pores.

however i am giving this a try tonight


I tried blue star ointment for pimples and just recently a rash that was on one side of my face and forehead. Cleansed my face (night) put a small amount of ointment on my fingertips and massaged it over the infected areas being careful not to get it close to my eyes (washed my hands afterwards) woke up the next morning rash 90% gone and acne greatly diminished - Wow! Was concerned about the mineral oil and petroleum in this product clogging my pores but I've been using it for the past 3 days and my skin is looking better each day! P.S. If you decide to use this product, use it sparingly (it does sting a bit when you first apply it) - and DO NOT get it in your eyes! People with sensitive skin (BEWARE) I would think twice before putting this ointment on your face!

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