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green tea

I don't have chronic or cystic acne, but I do have very sensitive skin and can get breakouts from just about any type of irritation. So yesterday I was developing a big red stress pimple and came on this site to look for remedies. I saw a couple suggestions for using Green Tea topically. That was something I happened to have and it seemed gentle enough for my particular situation. I steeped a tea bag in hot water for about 30 seconds, then just laid down with the bag resting on my pimple for 10 minutes. I could tell immediately that it was a tiny bit better, but this morning when I woke up it was 90% improved. The inflammation was completely down and the redness was almost gone.
Weird thing was, when I woke up this morning, before I even looked in the mirror, I had a craving for green tea. Drinking coffee in the morning is normally my favorite part of the day. I love coffee, but today I didn't want it.

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