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Try this first and save yourself! We tried the cloves, tea bags Darvocet 875 mg, Tramadol, none of it worked, my husband is 6' and 250lbs and the first day the meds worked on Friday. He is also on Amoxicilin and will have to go back to have it pulled hoping Monday but not scheduled till Wed. He even took extra Darvocett hoping it would help, well it didnt even touch the pain and he started throwing up from too much meds. We went to Walmart at 2 am looking for the recommened Red Cross meds but they didnt have it and he was having to swosh water in his mouth to keep the bay at pain every minute, which does work but you do need to sleep! So I got the only thing that looked like it may help, ORAJEL SEVERE PAIN FORMULA LONG LASTING. $5! APPLY IT ON THE GUMS AND IN AND ON THE TOOTH with a qtip, IMMEDIATELY HE WAS PAIN FREE AND KEPT WAITING FOR THE PAIN BUT NOTHING, WE ran to bed hoping it would keep working and it is now 10 am and it is still working! he applied it with a q tip and put it in and on the tooth. Skip all the others rememdies and do this first!!

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I also did this for my boyfriend. The pain medication, codeine 300mg, 1000 mg Ibuprofen, he was prescribed stopped working. I used a syringe I had for injecting marinade under the skin of a turkey, that is all I had. A Q-Tip did not reach the nerve. I squooze a drop or two of the max strength Orejel into the broken tooth. He said he felt it go down and the pain disappeared. He is sleeping soundly now. Thank you to all who have posted. It is a damn shame this country has no inexpensive dental!


First I tried ambsol reg strength liquid it did nothing next I tried dayquill, which relieved pain for about 2 mins, then I tried this and it did the same worked for about 2 mins then the pain came right back! I don't know what to do, I'm in the worst pain of my life!

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