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I use 'Skin so Soft from Avon and I don't get bitten even once. It's a good mosquito and insect repellent.

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Bill in Arizona

Skin So Soft is a marketing ploy by Avon. If you are a man, it makes you smell like a woman, and does not work. Having worked in Florida swamps, Louisana swamps and other insect infested areas, the only sure product that truly works is Cutter. Off works part of the time.


This works for me (woodland fresh scent) i am an athlete and come across horsefly's and other horrible flying insects in the summer,since using this product i hav,nt been bitten


I used Skin so soft in the spray form and the type that's mixed in with sunscreen and neither worked. I'm covered in mosquito bites!

Sue Taylor

Unfortunately, did not work for me.


We used to use this 25 years ago for my son. Mosquitos loved him. This worked as well as insect spray and safer for little kids. Not foolproof though.


Me and my little sister discovered this accidentally. One time I was spraying her with it and a mosquito had just landed on her leg and when I sprayed it, it sort of spazzed out for a bit and just died. Plus it makes your skin feel great and you smell nice(;


The bugs find the one spot on me I miss...

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