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We moved to Kansas last year after 33 years in Alaska and boy did I discover chiggers quick! Or I guess they discovered me. Last summer was miserable, but this summer is the worst. I'm sure grateful I'm retired because I'm losing a lot of sleep because of the itching.

We live out in the country and I'm getting the bites from just being in our yard (I'm ready to pave everything). I've tried maximum strength anti-itch cream, hydrocortisone cream, calendula ointment, benedryl pills (can't wake up), a homeopathic product, my doctor suggested Calmoseptine, ice and who knows what else. Some of these helped a little but within a short time I was ripping at the bites again. One thing that lasted for a while but offered a different type of pain and I felt was completely worth it was Dr. Scholl's FREEZE Away Wart Remover. I'm telling you, I was a desperate woman!

This year I lucked out and found a product called 'CHIGG AWAY' 'The Soldier's Choice' I found it at our local pharmacy and was stunned at how well it works. I got relief within 30 seconds and depending on how bad the bite has gotten, the relief lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. It has 5% Benzocaine and sulfur in it. I put it on a larger area surrounding the bites so when the little bugger is ready to move somewhere else, I have it covered.
It's not perfect, but it's the best thing I've found so far. However I will be trying some of the ideas I read about from all of you wonderful folks. Thanks for the ideas and best of luck to all of you.

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Moving from the North to Louisiana was an awakening when it comes to Chiggers.
My first encounter, I had no idea what was making my legs itch so bad and it was driving me crazy. I applied Benadryl about every 3 hours and didn't sleep for three nights.
This time my son said I had Chiggers and I looked online for help. A post said to use Alcohol and this did work immediately. I then went looking for 5% Benzocaine which was posted. I couldn't locate any Chigger creams or ointments. Other products with 5% Benzocaine were Benzodent for dentures and Vagi-Guard, I couldn't find either. I talked to the pharmacist and came up with orajel. This product has 20% Benzocaine; and I purchased the liquid form. This product had lasted almost 24 hours. I sleep very good last night.


This helps with the nightly itching. I was told to use 20 mule Borax found at most Kmart stores in the laundry isle. Sprinkle it under your sheets on top of the mattress. Very safe for children and pets as well.
Also topically apply 'goldenseal' to prevent itching.

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