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Crush aspirin and mix with a drop or two of water. Apply to bite to help reduce swelling and sting within seconds. I do this at night and cover with a bandaid leaving it on overnight. Always works. I have tried deodorant and also have tried baking soda. This definately works though. Good luck!

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You are a genius! This worked right away and took the sting and itch out like you wouldn't believe...On a Sunday night when everything is closed, I'm so happy I found this. Thank you!


Tried the crushed aspirin and drop of water! Worked! Thanks!


I did this and after scrathing all day long it finally stopped. I couldn't believe how well it worked. i had 10 spider bites in one area and this worked. thank you


OMG U JUST BECAME MY HERO!!!!!!! This is absolutely amazing! Maybe I can finally get some sleep I can't even describe the relief I am feeling right now!!!!!!!!


Tried it for the first time yesterday. It worked well. Thank you.

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