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Josh Starnes

I know people have heared from our grandparents that putting a few drops of your urine in your ear to get rid of an ear ache. Well the same applies for a stye on the eye. Rather you belive me or not it works. I have had styes as long as I can remember. I guess its hareditary cuz my dad gets them all the time also. Anyway when you go to use the bathroom wash your hands before you pee (thats basakwards huh, lol) and just get a few drops on ur finger and rub it over the stye. Repeat every time you go to the bathroom, (your pee in the moring is the best to use). Then that night put a warm washcloth over the eye. Repeat untill gone. It shouldn't take more than a couple days. According how good your urine is. lol It realy works though.

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Most people have such a poor understanding of our body's filter system works and what comes out.


Urine is sterile when it first leaves your body. After a little while it is no longer sterile and bacteria starts to grow in it. I am not sure if this method works I am afraid to try it because my sty hurts to the touch.


Urine IS sterile when it leaves the body . thats why they call it a sterile catch when you have to give a sample .. it is only contaminated once it touches something else ... if you dont know what your talking about look it up before you call some one else an idiot . .it just makes you look like an idiot.. i too am afraid to put urine on my eye .. but if it doesnt go away soon i just might try it

laura wander

I'm open for any suggestions, first stye ever and its pretty mild, but its irritating enough to try ANY quick remedies. This one may be a last resort though..... BTW, whoever argued that pee wasn't sterile must have been the 'genius' who was calling everyone else an idiot. Its usually the ones who know the least, that talk the most.


Urine is sterile and all but why not use saline instead?... I think its a little safer bet.


Urine on an infected area? You just putting more bacteria on the infection and it's gonna cause major problems. Basically, there's no known cure for a stye. So you can do one or two things.. A). Have the stye surgically removed, (which requires a million dollars). Or B). Get a nice black patch and put it over your eye permanently to hide that nasty huge pimple on your eyelid.


Doesn't work for me. Toothpaste doesn't work either.


LOL...lots of opinions regarding the pros and cons of urine here, that's GOOD! I commend the brave ones...I'll educate the opinionated, rude ones:
Urine therapy is practiced widely but quietly all over the planet and has been since the dawn of time; this is not new, but we had been taught it's dirty and full of germs...NOT! Bowel movements are for that stuff. Urine is not only sterile, it has every nutrient, antibody and essential elements unique to your will heal the body of many illnesses because it already contains the remedy, plus it ALONE will sustain life for a long period time if you, for example are stranded in the middle of no where with nothing for days...drink your urine and you'll make it till help arrives. (okay who's ready to puke at the thought?)LOL!
It's all true and a perfectly FREE remedy for this it or not!


Urine is absolutely not sterile. it can be a major breeding ground for bacteria. Personally, I wouldn't be putting it into my eyes, I'm a medic, and I'm not easily grossed out. Just think you could cause yourself worse problems. Rinsing and warm compresses make sense and are safer options. I've got my first sty and I'll be going that route. Ironically, I'm already on a broad-spectrum antibiotic for an unrelated issue (kidney infection- determined to be staph per culture- still think we should put that in our eyes? :)

Not a fan so far of these things; these things are just pointless and uncomfortable. Thanks to all for the suggestions- hope you all feel better quick!


Its not a 'sterile catch', its a 'clean catch'. Its performed in order to collect a sample of urine that is representative of only the specific bacteria found in your urine, and not contaminated by any extraneous, additional bacteria from contact with your external genitalia.

I come in contact with patients daily with massive bacterial infections of their urine; many of which are resistant to multiple antibiotics and can be nearly impossible to treat. Urinalyses are performed routinely to ensure that the appropriate antibiotics for each bacteria's precise and limited susceptibility is prescribed. Check out what a urinalysis consists of - things like bacteria, white blood cells (which indicate infection), etc.

Do whatever you want with your urine, but make it an informed decision. Sometimes the ammonia can help with stings and I wouldn't sweat having someone pee on a jellyfish sting etc, though technically thats supposed to be without merit medically- people still swear by it. But thats a whole nother ball game than introducing it into your mucus membranes and open skin, etc. Urine can be quite filthy. Period.

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