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Josh Starnes

I know people have heared from our grandparents that putting a few drops of your urine in your ear to get rid of an ear ache. Well the same applies for a stye on the eye. Rather you belive me or not it works. I have had styes as long as I can remember. I guess its hareditary cuz my dad gets them all the time also. Anyway when you go to use the bathroom wash your hands before you pee (thats basakwards huh, lol) and just get a few drops on ur finger and rub it over the stye. Repeat every time you go to the bathroom, (your pee in the moring is the best to use). Then that night put a warm washcloth over the eye. Repeat untill gone. It shouldn't take more than a couple days. According how good your urine is. lol It realy works though.

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This person is not an idiot. You need to open your mind up. I had recently been reading about urine therapy (UT) and was actively using it. Last evening I noticed my left eyelid hurt, so I felt it and realized that a sty was forming. I came online here to look up herbal or home remedies to stop it. I did consider UT but still thought I'd see what else might be effective. But when I read this post, I agreed it was probably the best treatment. I applied some last evening, and sure enough, this morning it's gone. So don't be so quick to judge simply because you've been trained to believe urine is dirty or is waste. It's not, it's sterile, and it's healthy.


TWO idiots!

Who me?

I think i would rather just stick with the Sty, than have Urine in my Eye. Even if it works!
About the closest Ive come to this so called Urine Therapy was once while Surfing an Urchin broke off in my foot. So i just pissed on my foot. If I ever got stung by a Jelly Fish I would just piss on that as well ..unless I got stung outta reach from it and required some gymnastics. I definitely wouldn't let someone else just piss on me!
Must be where the old saying: 'JUST PISS ON IT' came from ;o)

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I like to take a dump and shove it in my eye. Works every time.


The only idiot is the IDIOT that keeps calling everyone else one! As a person mentioned above, urine is sterile and if you had the least bit of education beyond grade school maybe you would know that little fact. What do you think people did before there were antibiotics, NSAIDS, and other medications. Do the world a favor and shut yourself off from civilization because obviously you're a nutcase and we have enough of you roaming freely already!


Three idiots


urine is not sterile. your body gets rid of it for a reason dipshit


This does work. Also for pink eye. I've done it about 3 maybe 4 times. Once u get over how weird it is and just do it, it feels soooo much better!! It's crazy! I know it's not for everyone, but not everyone can just get in a car and drive a few min. To a drug store.

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