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I tend to get Poison Ivy atleast once a year. A friend of my mom told me to try regular Dawn dishsoap. When it was really bad, I used it as a body wash. I also dab the spots with rubbing alcohol. After that dries, I dab the dish soap on. It generally clears it up within 4 to 5 days. Hope it works for you too:))

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well i've tried it and it don't work worth shit


well i've tried it and it don't work worth shit now what can i try that works


The dawn helps. Im using it as a body wash, then using gold bond body powder after its dry. its not full proof so i also walk around with a bottle of bactine and spray it if it starts to itch. Its finaly getting better. it has been 12 days since i got the rash. what a nightmare.


mix salt into the dawn to create a paste. I had oozing blisters on my wrists so I;

1. Rubbed them with isopropyl alcohol (i like using a q-tip)to break the blister open.

2. Applied a gritty mix of salt and dawn Dish soap (it was green anti-bacterial but i do not know if that is relavent) and let the mix dry.

I dont know exactly why (too far removed from my chemistry days) but this fixed me up. I did not have a severe case but it was quite bothersome. I had blisters on both wrists where my gloves and long sleeve shirt didn't quite protect me. I tried traditional treatments (store bought CRAP) on one wrist and gave up after 2 days b/c the other wrist was almost healed up from the alcohal/salty dawn method. Plus only one blister took more than one application. I would love to know the chemistry behind this method and if it would work on more severe cases.

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