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hi well ive had a toothache for about 3 months now but i cant aford denist so yesterday i woke up at about 3am and my tooth was killin i was screamin in pain so i went down staires found my dads dark rum 1st i brush my tooth with ice cold salty water then 2nd just a cap of rum i put it in my mouth n left it in there for 2 mins 3rd washd my mouth with denticlean to get rid of rum taste 4th get a hot water battle and put it under ur pillow in bed just to warm ur pillow up and i slept like a baby all night didnt wake up till 4 pm today was good becoz this tooth kept me up awake all night b4

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Forget insurance and GO TO A DENTIST, even if you go to a dental clinic. Infected teeth can KILL you! These are bones, and worse, bones in your face. These remedies are for people waitin for medical treatment not an alternative solution.

I completely understand being poor, I used to be in your situation but never ever let your bones become infected. Go to a dental clinic or just go to a dentist and put it on a credit card. Write a bad check but don't die.

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