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I have read all the remmedies here for head lice treatments. I will definately try a few of these out. However, I have not read anywhere on here remedies for the home?? I have washed, suffucated those little buggers. I have gone as far as actually putting the furniture OUTSIDE for days!! I am fed up! Are there any remedies for carpets, furniture etc that you know of? That spray at the store is HIGH as a kites tail and it really just DOES NOT work! Any ideas??

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vaccuum and throw away the bag right away. also make sure all trash is taken out of house. bag all stuffed animals and barbies and dolls anything with hair in trash bags tie up nice and tight set outside for 2-3 wks.


You can use the flea and tick carpet treatment. It worked for my home but make sure you dispose of the stuff out of your vaccuum as soon as you are done.


I put table salt everywhere. I understand that will kill the lice. Also baking soda sort of paralyzes them and they can't they die also.


Vinegar water. Just as an egg dissolves from vinegar water, the shells of nits and the larva/adults also tear down and they die.


If you have to have head to head contact to get lice how do they survive off the host? My grandbaby(12 months old) got them. I didn't see a thing in her head until I found live ones. It was disgusting. Just a few days before she broke out with them, I had been playing with her, she was putting her hat on me then I'd put it back on her but I never got any live lice or nits although I did treat myself but never found a one.The reason I'm asking is because of all the talk about emptying your trash cans etc..


Just vaccuum and lysol. I've also heard that sprinkling 20 mule team borax everywhere then vacuuming works well too.

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