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My granddaughter kept getting head lice. so I looked on the computer for home remedies because the ones we bought at the store were too expensive and the over-the-counter shampoos didn't work. I used it once and it worked wonders and I've used it ever since. I keep a prepared bottle in my bathroom for the 'just-in-case'.

Head Lice Shampoo

Small Amount
2 tablespoons Tea Tree Oil
6 ounces Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Dawn ONLY)
2 ounces white vinegar

Medium Amount
2 ounces Tea Tree Oil
12.5 ounces Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Dawn ONLY)
4 ounces white vinegar

Large Amount
4 ounces Tea Tree Oil
25 ounces Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Dawn ONLY)
8 ounces white vinegar

Mix the three ingredients in a large squeeze bottle, such as an empty dish soap bottle. Use as regular shampoo, leave on for about 5 minutes before rinsing. Use conditioner to soften hair and keep dandruff down. Tea Tree Oil may cause some dandruff, but the bugs will be gone. May use every day, and bugs are usually gone within a week. Be VERY CAREFULL not to get in eyes or mouth.

I use this as a preventative…(if there has been an outbreak at school etc) and since I have started using it we have not had a problem with lice. Also, I think tea tree oil smells bad so after I use it I rewash my hair with regular shampoo to get rid of the smell. Tea tree does cause dandruff so I wouldn’t use it more than 2 or 3 times a week. Since I use it as a preventative, I don’t even use the lice comb any more. This works so good I have several friends and family members that keep a bottle of it on their shelves for just in case”.

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i would like to see how many times you comb the hair


what about nits? does it get rid of them?

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