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I had gotten toenail fungus one day, and while using my nail clippers to trim my toenails, I forgot to clean my nail clippers. Well, needless to say, I used those same uncleaned nail clippers to trim my finger nails, and so my fingers ended up with the fungus in it. I have tried other remedies from reading what others have posted, but none seemed to get rid of it.

One day, I brought my fingers to my nose and sniffed it. There was an aweful odor coming from my fingers. The fungus had gotten so bad that I had to do something.

I have tried using Listerine twice daily but it did nothing to take it away. One day, a thought formed in my head of a remedy and I took the initiative and went for it.

I took one quarter cap of Clorax Bleach and put it into a small bowl, and then added 6 to 8 ounces of luke warm water to it. I soaked my fingers in that solution for 3 to 5 minutes being extra careful not to splash bleach water onto my clothing. After that, I washed my fingers and hands thoroughly, then disposed of the bleach water down the drain. Since that first soak, it has not come back.

You may have to soak a second time if you see signs, but I doubt you will. Give it a try, but just be careful that you are not allergic to bleach, and that you use a minimal amount. Bleach is used in some hospitals as a cleaning agent to disinfect hospital rooms, beds, and furniture after a patient is discharge to home. So I figured why not give it a try. After that first soak, I have gotten rid of it, so far.

Good luck to all of you. Hope it works for you...and if it does, leave me a comment. Thanks.

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I have been battling a problem on my thumb nails. I wasnt sure if it was a fungus but I think it probably was. I tried the bleach and it worked great. I cant even believe it.


Well I just tried it how long until you see it go away ? Thanks if it works

Rick Roberts

I tried the bleach like was posted, and guess what?...
It works.!!! After years of embarrasment, plus it cost me a job that i used o love. I was a hand model for a leading jewelry
Manufacturer.. no kidding. Tried meds, oitments, nothing!!.Just got a call to come back to work!


how long do you soak nails each time?


Will it work on skin fungus also?


I used a couple of drops in the dish water for a bout 2-3 weeks, fungus was gone and hasn't returned,that was a year ago.also tried remedies from drs. and over the counter from drug stores, only thing that worked was the bleach.

Help Plzzz

Will it work on a bad case of nail fungus


Yes. The bleach remedy works. You might have to do it multiple times, say twice a week before you find the severity of the problem go down. Good luck!


How many time will I need to soak my thumb nail?
Will one time actually kill all the fungus?


shall try it lol

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