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I decided to post my own remedy here because of my own experiences with boils, and I know how painful and irritating they can be. Let me start by saying there is a great wealth of information on boils, why we get them, how to prevent them, and then the comparing/contrasting of the effectiveness of home remedies versus antiobiotics. I suffered with them and would be more than happy to share my story via email. This all might seem excessive and expensive but you're investing in your HEALTH. In a 7 month span of time i've had 10 boils. The antibiotics work but as soon as I come off, with a couple of weeks I get a new boil.

What i've posted here is slightly more than just a 'home remedy'. It's a holistic approach with several remedies combined together, without the use of antibiotics to bring the body to a healthier state.

For starters, your diet needs to be cleaned up. No greasy foods, and try to cook your own meals. Boils are the result of WEAKENED IMMUNITY!

The Goal: Our bodies become very toxic and acidic, and need to be restored to a more alkaline state in order to prevent them. Put the right ingredients inside of us (internally), and use some of the same ingredients plus others externally, with proper rest and nutrition, your boil(s) will be healed.

Incorporate the following supplements into your diet:
-a GOOD MultiVitamin (I go with LifeEssence brand)
-50mg of Zinc
-Astragalus Root (Very very good with boosting immunity)

Make a drink with the following ingredients, twice a day (AM/PM):

1 Glass of water
1 Tsp. of Turmeric
1/2 Tsp. of Cumin
4 Drops of Oregano OIL
1 tablespoon of unrefined Coconut Oil

Make a thick Paste to cover the boil with the following ingredients:

1/2 tsp of Baking Soda
1/4 tsp of Epsom Salt
2 Drops of Oregano Oil
2 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
2 Drops of Thyme Oil
10 Drops of Water
1/2 pill of Aspirin (crushed into fine powder)

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Ok so what if you are allergic to coconut oil???

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