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I dont know how ANY of you guys can do the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment thing..... I went to try it tonight to help get rid of my plantar warts. But I only had it on for 2 hours then I took it off because it is TOOOOOOOOOOO painful. I been in some serious pain for about 30 minutes now from it. I would NOT and I will NOT tell anyone to do this treatment. Everyone says it works, but never says really how painful it is. It's been extremely painful for me! I would rather have the surgery again over trying this Apple Cider Vinegar nonsense.

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If theres no pain involved then it may not work, I think you need to think about that. Pain will eventually pay of.


Yes the pain is the wart dying! It worked for me and I know that it will work for you. At night it was painful, but I had my plantar wart for 12 years before I came on this site. After only wrapping my foot in acv dipped cotton balls and scotch tape every day for two weeks, then every other day for two weeks it fell off and and the pain stopped after 3- 4 days. And it was only painful at night so i would take it off around 2-3 a.m. take a shower in the morning and re wrap my foot when i got home from school around 3 p.m and i just stayed consistant and finally i am rid of it! Don't stop using it! Its the answer!

Dan W.

This absolutely worked for me with no pain. I am absolutely amazed! I read this post 6 months before I tried it and bought the apple cider vinegar 5 months ago thinking this is a bogus remedy. Having all else failed, I gave it a try. I have been to dermatologists who froze with nitrogen, poisoned with chemicals, trimmed and lasered, etc. over 15+ years, one foot with three warts and they all came back after treatment in the same spots. All I did was trim back the built up callous area around the wart and soaked my foot in pure ACME apple cider vinegar (5% acidity) for 1/2 to 1 hour while sitting at my home office desk working. I can't believe it actually worked.


my daugther is 11 and she has no pain with this at all.
I has worked in the past and is working now.


Bare with it. There is pain, quite a bit. I work long 12 hour shifts on my feet. I have had my plantar wart for 8 years. Every kind of treatment. I even named's first name is Mother, you can guess the last.
My wart was huge, over 1 inch by two inches and pushing and swelling out. Large white and spongy. Very aggressive. In the last two weeks, it has shrunk to 1 square inch and it is much thinner. It still hurts a lot at times, but much less than it did originally.

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